Marutama Ramen

Seeing this new place under construction around a month ago, I was excited to try yet another ramen restaurant in this neighbourhood on Robson Street near Denman. Reading online, realized that Marutama is a worldwide business with stores in various locales in Asia.


The following is an excerpt from their website: ”Many successful Japanese ramen restaurants have established their new branches in other countries and introduced their original products to ramen markets abroad. Recently, Marutama Ra-men that serve authentic Japanese ramen have been making its Toripaitan soup as the new wave in Japanese Ramen industry following Shoyu, Miso, Shio and Tonkotsu soup.

Marutama’s Toripatan soup served with homemade Hakata-styled ramen noodle. Best quality of this soup due to its 100% pure chicken broth that made with no MSG at all! As for Toripaitan soup itself is one of the very difficult soup to cook. This is because the taste of Toripaitan soup are very susceptible to change in color and taste if the cooker are not detail enough in processing the soup. Every Marutama store needs approximately 5 hours daily for cooking process and preparation. This pure milky white chicken-based soup has delighted and won-over many ramen lovers’ in Asia.

Marutama offers an authentic Japanese ramen experience with its half-boiled aji tamago and aosa seaweed topping, complete with melt-in-your-mouth char siew. This additional topping called half boiled seasoned egg is very recommended for ramen. At Japan, Marutama’s half-boiled seasoned egg rewarded as “the best tamago”. Its unique texture that fully boiled at the surface but yet still half boiled on the inside blended perfectly with the seasoning.

Marutama is well-known as a restaurant which has developed their shops not only in Ryogoku, Tokyo and Kawaguchi, Saitama, but also in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand since the first Marutama restaurant in 2001.”


The interior of the restaurant is nicely done: spacious and clean. There is a big rectangular table on one side of the restaurant, two of the counter-style tables on both sides of the restaurants in front of the kitchen and in front of where they make the noodles I’m guessing, and a few small tables in between.


I got the Marutama Tamago Ramen which offered the option of Mild or Spicy; I chose the Mild option. From reading the other reviews, I looked forward to trying the famous egg. My first taste, it was definitely saltier than other ramen restaurants I’ve had before, sort of had a salty “meat” taste haha, but as I finished my bowl, it didn’t taste salty anymore I guess the taste buds adjusted themselves. I liked how the seaweed is in more a patch of strands rather than a square piece, that was cool! The noodles are also much thinner than other places; I think I prefer thicker noodles.


The egg was indeed delicious, the yolk was solid enough that it wouldn’t spill into the soup, yet silky enough to melt into your mouth. The saltiness matched the saltiness of the soup. This is probably the first time I actually finished the entire bowl of ramen including the soup because the portion is not very big but it won’t leave you hungry after either.

Marutama Ramen on Urbanspoon

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