Mosaic Grille

Had a Buy One Get One Entree deal so decided to come here for lunch with my friend. Definitely a popular place for business lunches as I saw tons of people in suits and ties!


I loved the design of the entrance of the restaurant; located inside the Hyatt in Downtown. The illuminated sign for the restaurant was unique, my friend referred to the lights as casting a “butt” shape though haha…


Free scones to start. My friend liked them she said they were soft. I thought they were a bit dry though, maybe the reason I was never a scones person.


We got the Crispy Baby Calamari to start. I thought this was a great deal for $13 relative to other similar restaurants as the portion was huge. The bite-sized calamari was indeed to the name very crispy. I wished it would be hotter though when it was brought to the table; it was warm. The calamari goes well with the sweet sauce; it is similar to the sauce that comes with Chinese BBQ Duck. Calamari was good with or without the sauce.


For the entree, I got the Seared Haida Gwaii Albacore Tuna (arugula, lemon aioli, rustic ciabatta roll). The tuna was like the Tuna Tataki in Japanese restaurants, where the edge of the tuna is seared with the inside still rare. I love tuna, so any tuna dish I would naturally like. This was something new to me as usually when I get tuna sandwich I think of canned tuna, definitely nice to try something new. The ciabatta bread was very crispy at the edges, this was very good. I felt there was too much of the aioli or mayonaise white sauce that they used; it made the sandwich a little too filling… The tuna was fresh and was warm when served, good tuna:bread ratio! The fries sprinkled with garlic flakes were excellent, some of the best fries I’ve had. Very hot when brought to the table.

Decent food, simple, well-designed comfortable place for lunch with good service! To get a scale of how full I was, I didn’t need to eat dinner that night…

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