It’s that point in my life where friends I made throughout university are graduating and moving away from Canada. Tonight was the farewell dinner for one of my friends whom I met in my 2nd year, she is one of the funniest and most genuine people I know! Good luck to her future career in Japan. I will miss your personality a lot!

She decided to invite us to Rosie’s which is near her apartment. I’ve never heard of this place before, so I checked out the menu online beforehand and I already knew I was going to try the Steak and Chips.


Let’s go from left to right in the picture! The bowl of beans were the same taste as those canned beans you get from the grocery store, not much comment on this as I’m sure everyone know what this tastes like. The fries were good and crispy, but they added too much salt on the fries! Haven’t had fries so salty in a long time, maybe better to ask them to let you add the salt yourself. I got the 6oz steak cooked Medium Rare, but it felt way more cooked than that. Around the center of the steak, I could see the red of the meat, but around the outer edge, it was pretty much fully cooked… The texture of the steak was way too hard! Onion rings good, but there could be less frying batter used, I rather the rings be smaller because otherwise I’m just eating the frying batter without the onion.

Service was good and they accommodated our large group well even with no reservations!

Rosie's on Robson on Urbanspoon

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