This is the same location as the old Benkei Ramen, I remember walking by a while ago and getting excited that there was a Japanese spaghetti place opening up soon in this convenient area.


As part of their opening specials, all the drinks were $1 only! So I got myself an Iced Orange Juice. The restaurant kept the same design as Benkei in that the front windows can swing open completely; this is great for the summer! The interior of the restaurant has been completely redesigned and it looks nice and modern.


We were given a piece of garlic bread each. Thought the green paste was a little weird at first, but it tastes and smells just like regular garlic bread, pretty good for something free :)


They also gave us a sample of their soup using a little tea cup. It tasted like those soups you get at Chinese restaurants, liked it but nothing special.


Right now they have 30% off all their spaghetti so the one pictured was around $9 after the discount, very worth it at that price! It was delicious, I had the Mentaiko which is sprinkled with tons of cod roe. Reminds me again of what a rip off food at UBC is… If the dish was not discounted, I would think the portions are too small for the price though. The service was excellent, the Japanese staff were cheerful and friendly and they refilled my water almost instantly each time I drank a cup. As I am use to at other Japanese restaurants, the chefs yell loudly to greet you as you walk in and to thank you for eating there as you leave! In short, go go go, this is a nice addition to this area of Robson.

Spaghetei on Urbanspoon

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