Tableau Bar Bistro

Ah… Tableau… a restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try since last year. I always thought of it as a good place to take a date, but today I am not here for that :). As part of the 2013 Tourism Challenge, there was a special deal for dinner here and I knew this was the month that I would go to Tableau! Also, an old friend also just returned from Singapore for her graduation convocation at UBC, and she loves eating out every day, so she joined our dinner tonight as well!


The skies cleared up today for a nice evening. Located directly beside the Loden Hotel, I love the appearance of this restaurant on quiet downtown Melville Street, it reminds me of a ship for whatever reason, maybe the blue canopy.


Started the meal with some bread, loved the butter, strong butter taste!


From the waiter’s recommendation, we got the Mushrooms on Toast (creamy mushrooms, brioche). This was very unique, I don’t have French cuisine often so the taste of this toast was new to me. It had a very strong creamy taste to it and the mushrooms. The toast was soft and melded well with the cream. Very filling appetizer!


This was our second appetizer and my second favourite dish this meal, the Tuna Nicoise (tomato pulp dressing, greens, olives). I LOVE TUNA. The tuna in this nicoise was delicious. I loved the “seared” taste to the tuna, which also leached onto the vegetables below. The tuna itself tasted very fresh; I felt that the “rim” of the tuna was cooked just the right degree!


I had the Saturday special, Short Ribs Au Jus with glazed vegetables. The meat was very soft and I was surprised when I first cut into it. There was a delicious layer of (fat?) right along the bone, this layer was delicious haha. The meat was good and the sauce was very strong, but it didn’t “wow” me, although it was very good.


My friend had the Roasted Duck Breast. YOU MUST GET THIS, YOU MUST GET THIS, YOU MUST GET THIS. I stole a few pieces from my friend in exchange for some of my ribs, and this took my breath away! It was one of the most delicious duck I’ve ever had in my life! It sort of tasted like ham, but the best parts were the tiny layer of fat between the skin and the meat, and the “crunchy” skin. Chewing through the duck, you could hear the crunch of the skin as you bit through it. DELICIOUS!


My other friend got the Pan Roasted Halibut. I liked the crispy top, but my mind was swept away by the duck…


We finished off the meal by sharing the Creme Brulee. My favourite part about this brulee was the custard, it was soft and had a very strong taste. I liked this better than Creme Brulee I’ve had other restaurants.

All in all, a delightful meal with excellent service!

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