Dark Table

Ever since hearing about this restaurant which offers a “blind” dining-experience in pitch darkness, I have been wanting to try it. When a popular group buying website offered a coupon, I bought it without hesitation! 

My favourite aspects of the experience:

– No sense of time as you can’t check your watch or phone, really allows you to enjoy the evening for what it is, sort of like a temporary escape from the world together with your friend

– No 21st Century distractions (texts, emails, Facebook, etc.)


I invited a very good friend of mine to share this experience with me. I wanted it to be a surprise for her so I didn’t tell her all the details, she initially thought this was a restaurant where we were blindfolded but not in complete darkness, needless to say she was positively surprised. 

When you check-in with the hostess outside, we were given a menu to order food outside first, both of us got the 3-course dinner with the Beef Tenderloin as the main dish and the starter and the dessert were both only offered as a “surprise” dish. 

After placing the order, we waited for our server to take us into the restaurant. His name was Dustin and he was awesome! We placed our hand on each other’s shoulders like a train and went into the restaurant. The first moment of entering into complete darkness was a cautious, yet excited feeling. Not having your vision really changes your entire mood, will go into details later. You can call the server by yelling his name and he’ll come!

The table we were brought to was relatively big for two people. Now thinking back, I still think it’s amazing how the servers could navigate through the restaurant and know the layout of the tables! Not having the essentials of the 21st Century (Smartphones, texts, emails, Facebook, cameras, etc.) was perhaps the thing I enjoyed the most about this dinner; it was nice to finally have a true conversation with an old friend without all these distractions! I noticed particularly that my sense of hearing was enhanced as we both didn’t have vision to rely on, I found that I was enjoying the conversations of other tables haha.

The tables around us were all having great fun and I could hear from their voices that they were excited :).

The starter was a salad with many different ingredients such as nuts, cheese, etc., it was pretty big for a salad, it took us a little while poking with our forks to put the food in our mouth, the server made sure that we had the plate in the right spot before they went to another table, so it wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. The salad was quite decent with many different tastes.

Next up was the Beef Tenderloin with peppercorn sauce and potatoes that we both got. This was the highlight of the dinner, we both got it cooked Medium Rare. The plate was hot, the beef was very juicy and the texture was perfect. I also liked the potatoes because it went with the peppercorn sauce well. The tenderloin is cut into pieces so you don’t need to cut with your knife. 

The dessert was a cheesecake. This one was only average, the crust wasn’t “crispy” as I usually like and I felt the cheese taste wasn’t that strong, I felt the texture was a little soft.

You should definitely try it with someone adventurous and whom you know you will enjoy a good conversation with!

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