Tsuki Sushi Bar


Tsuki is one of the new Japanese restaurants in the Chinatown area near the Stadium-Chinatown SkyTrain Station. This area has undergone major changes in the last couple of years, stemming from the development of new apartment towers in the area. There are now many new businesses opening shop, and even the International Village Shopping Centre is seeing more foot traffic. I still remember how quiet it was back in the day.


Usually, I would go with a simple roll combo, but today I decided to be a bit more adventurous and go for the Tekka Salmon (Albacore Tuna and Sockeye Salmon bowl) $11. The bowl comes with a miso soup as well. As my supervisor would say, the Tekka Salmon was “AMAZING”!

Both the tuna and salmon tasted fresh to me, and their texture can be described as “delicate”, nothing like the big pieces you get at cheap sushi restaurants; definitely quality over quantity here. Putting the pieces of fish into my mouth it was like they just melted inside, exploding with strong tastes of freshness both for the tuna and the salmon.

Since then, I’ve been back three times for lunch, and always getting the same thing. I need to try some of their other dishes. But if it is your first time there, I would recommend getting this bowl as the fish they use is excellent!

Simple and clean interior design with quick, attentive service.

Tsuki Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

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