Fish House in Stanley Park


Well here it goes again, going to start blogging again and hopefully continue throughout the year! I don’t know much about food, but I like to take photos and share my eating experiences with my friends!


The first blog entry is dinner at the Fish House in Stanley Park. Thanks to a solid deal in the Entertainment Book for Buy One Get One Free Entree! As in the photo above, it was a warm and sunny Spring day, we were seated outside on the patio. My friend was late and was so apologetic, but I looked forward to having dinner with her before she left to Hong Kong! She joked that the people at the restaurant probably thought I was “stood up” haha; I admit, it was a bit awkward seating alone in a two person table outside…

We started off with some bread with an oil/vinegar dip. The bread was soft and the skin crispy (awesome!), the dip was interesting as I’ve never had this type of dip with bread before, my friend laughed that the oil kept slipping off the bread because of the oily texture.


We got the Calamari to share for an appetizer; I liked the taste of the lemon sprinkled on the calamari. The calamari was crisp enough and not too chewy; I hate when I need to pull hard with the force of my whole head just to rip the squid!


Based on reviews online, I got the Mixed Grill, consisting of sockeye salmon filet, prawn and scallop skewer, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and a plantain chip all mixed with a beurre blanc sauce. This dish was SO good that I would get it again if I’m ever at the Fish House again. The way everything especially the mashed potatoes melded with the creamy sauce was just delicious! The seafood tasted fresh to me.


This is the “Cannery” Cod that my friend had. She said it was good as well.


By the time it was dessert, we were one of the last tables at the restaurant; you can see that I had to use the flash on my camera for this photo as it was one of the darkest dining experiences I’ve had in a long time haha. I decided to be a little adventurous (okay not really but I usually get Cheesecake!) and get the Okanagan Buttermilk Pie (organic Coronation grapes, caramelized top, almond hazelnut crust, Concorde grape jam). OMG, this was probably one of the best dessert I’ve had, and I’m usually not a dessert person. The best part was the caramelized top, it was super crispy! The whole thing wasn’t too sweet and I would rate this 10/10!

Well that concludes my blog post, actually wrote this twice because my computer crashed as I was almost done the initial post…

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