Gyoza King

I’ve heard about Gyoza King many times before, but always ended up somewhere else on Robson Street for whatever reason. This time, I purposely wanted to visit Gyoza King because one of my friend said it was really really good…


This is the Tuna Salad. I’m normally not a salad person but my friend was, so I decided on the Tuna Salad as I love tuna! The salad was fresh and both of us enjoyed this one. Funny note, I was avoiding those garlic-chip looking things because I don’t like garlic breath, but my friend said that they were cereal corn flakes, and indeed they were haha…


This was the Tako Wasabi that my other friend was crazy about, so we had to try it. You take the raw octopus marinated in wasabi and wrap it in a piece of seaweed. This was my first time having raw octopus! The wasabi added slight spiciness, but wasn’t too spicy. Texture of raw octopus was very bouncy in the teeth! I liked this one, very refreshing.


This is the Yam Tempura. I normally never get tempura unless it’s part of a bento box. I prefer the yam to be more soft; in this one, the yam is more the carrot-like texture.


This is the Salmon and Avocado Yukke. Another one of those “wrap-in-seaweed” dishes. There is an egg on top that we mixed with the salmon and avocado. I liked this one as well, both the salmon and avocado tasted fresh. I liked how the avocado was cut into little pieces so it’s very easy to put into the seaweed wrap.

We actually also got the Nabeyaki Udon but forgot to take a picture. This is a good “stomach-filler” item as it was huge, but the udon itself wasn’t special.


Of course, being at Gyoza King, we had to try the gyozas. They did a pretty good job with the skin being crispy on the bottom.

Spent around $25 a person for some pretty good food, so I think I’ll be back in the future.

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