Guu Garden

Been here a few times before, didn’t really have any special feelings. I was positively surprised today. Our group was originally planning to go to Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ (, and we planned to switch to Guu Garden as our backup if Gyu-Kaku was full since Guu Garden is literally directly above Gyu-Kaku. Gyu-Kaku was indeed full (darn, wanted their all day happy hour!) so we went to Guu Garden. I immediately noticed the difference in menus between Guu Garden and the other Guus. The menu here felt more like a fusion between Japanese and Western.
This was the Ebi Mayo (prawn tempura with chili mayonaise sauce). Definitely one of the highlights of the night; had a nice golden colour. The shrimp chips were a little disappointing as they weren’t crispy, but chewy instead… This is as disappointing as Chinese Fried Chicken with chewy shrimp chips. The prawns themselves had the right amount of thin tempura batter; different from usual prawn tempura where you see and feel crispy bits all over the prawn. Taking a bite, the ebi was crispy and had the right “bounce” in texture, making for a very enjoyable chewing experience.
IMG_0415This was the Saba Shimi-Sushi (seared pickled mackarel sushi specially served with japanese mustard). It was seared = I liked it. Next.
IMG_0416Tuna Tataki (lightly seared tuna sashimi with sliced garlic, scallion, garlic chips, and yuzu ponzu). I get Tuna Tataki, or some variation of tuna, at pretty much every Japanese restaurant when I go for dinner because I love tuna. I’d rate this one at Guu Garden as being above average.
This was something new for me, the Tontoro (sea salt grilled pork cheek with yuzu ponzu). As it was pork cheek, the texture was delicate as expected. If you want to imagine the taste, think SPAM luncheon meat.
My favourite of the night, Sea Urchin Sashimi. I did not expect that it would be served with seaweed; I was actually wondering what sea urchin sashimi would look like because I kept thinking other types of sashimi and it was a bit hard to imagine sea urchin in that shape.
The sea urchin was fresh, and wrapped in seaweed, “oh I wish I was in that moment again”. DELICIOUS!

Only negative, we had a few times where we couldn’t get the staff’s attention. And our empty teapot was never refilled…
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